June 17, 2011

naqilah daut ,

salam readers !
this entry special to you my dear sista,
 naqilah daut :)

u're strong babes:)
i understand what you feel.
mybe there's a reason why all this happen to you okay dear.
apa pun i'll being with you if you need someone to talk and share :)

January 15, 2011


entry nie khas untuk my besties yeah , thx korang byk memahami diri ini . korg saje yg aku ade . seriously , dah malas nak carik lain (mcm gaye nak carik bf plak en ) , sbb nye sgt susa untuk tahu betul ke diorang tu ikhlas , or sekadar ade dgn kite bile kite senang , bila susah , batang hidung pun lenyap . org mcm tu better go to hell ok , aku ckp bkan saje2 , tp dah byk jumpe kwn yg mcm ni . so last2 , aku stay dgn besties yg lame jugak . Baby , Ruby , Mia !! you all the best among the best friend <3

baby * kite kenal since form 3 , i admit that before kite jd besties gal mmg xsuke dkat bie rapat dgn apis , but then form 3 kite sekelas , n one day bie bg surat dkat gal ckp bie suke kwn dgn gal n nak kite jd besties , best sgt time tu :) until now surat tu still ade , sweet je . kite byk habiskan mase same2 kan dulu , share mcm2 story ! miss that time . after that , form 4 kite mcm lost contact sbb nye gal msok teknik. kite jarang jumpe mase tu . now , thx God kite da rapat mcm dulu balik <3

ruby * sgt comel org nye , kecik je org nye . baik hati plus caring . kenal dia mase form 3 jugak , dia baru pindah dari Penang . kami sgt2 rapat , kdang hari sekolah pun tidur rumah . best kan ruby time dulu2 , kite satu kepala n buat keje gile pun same2 .
pergi camp same2 , lpas tu org2 kt camp tu ingat kitorang ni kembar , iye kan aje lah . haha . dorg pun percaya bulat2 ! sengal giler . tp ruby duk sini setahun je , lpas tu balik Penang balik ats reason tertentu . sedih sgt time tu . rezeki ruby dia dpat sambung blaja sini dekat KTAC , Maluri . since dia stdy sini , so kitorang salu berjumpe n bertambah rapat . :)

miya * bie , kite dah kenal since form 1! byk kenangan kot i dgn u , ponteng kelas , kena rotan n marah la . pastu u kena lucut pengawas sbb salu ponteng kelas kan2 , hee . ingat lg . bt bila u tgah bertugas jage tangge , i pun sibuk la menapak sekali . haha . first knal pun sbb u salu tyew psal jiran depan rumah i ha sbb dia bf u , dulu la tapi nye kan2 . zaman2 cinte monyet dulu :p 
seronok kwn dgn u bie , even kite byk kali jugak laa ade selisih faham , but now we still together n more close . 

babe , i hope kite akn kekal cmnie smpai bile2 . korg je yg aku ade now .
kalo pun aku dpat kwn lain , biar lah yg memahami n ade waktu susah n senang aku mase tu . love u all , muahxx <3 

January 14, 2011

quite busy ,

omg !! rindu giler dkat blog , lame x update kan .
sgt2 lah busy sbb dah kembali menjadi seorang student .
mcm xpercaye dah sem 4 , cepat kan mase berlalu , so far okay laa stdy dkat KPTM.
byk sgt post yg nak di update , so just wait n see :)
sem ni aku nak struggle habis2 utk naik balik pointer , insya Allah :)

December 26, 2010

Making Long Distance Relationships Work ,

Being in a long distance relationship isn't easy. It requires very strong trust, commitment, guidelines, and communication. Studies show that a majority of people involved in long distance relationships eventually break up. That's why you see so many "experts" proclaiming that long distance relationships are a bad idea and don't work. Yet if you learn to master communication and set the parameters of your relationship, it can work. It's an uphill battle, but it is possible, and many people do eventually become happily married as a result of being in a long distance relationship.
A long distance relationship will be difficult and requires a strong commitment between you and your partner. Here they are 10 tips for making long distance relationship works .
1) Establish the relationship rules and parameters.
In a study of long distance relationships, Dr. Greg Guldner found that 70% of couples in a long distance relationship who did not set rules, or deal with changes, ended up breaking up within six months. This means that it is
 vital that you and your partner set rules and parameters to guide your long distance relationship. This includes an agreement that you will not date others, that you will communicate daily, and that you'll see each other at least once every 2-3 months in person.
2) Communicate Every Single Day
Part of a successful long distance relationship is being able to emulate patterns found in regular relationships. One of these patterns is daily communication. The evolution of the Internet is godsend for people who are in long distance relationships. Not only can you communicate via email and instant messaging for free, but you can also talk to each other through free services like
 Skype. And that means no more $500 a month phone bills!
3) Express Your Feelings
Learning to express your feelings to your long distance partner in email, IM, and on the phone is important for the growth and stability of your relationship. One of the ways it increases your relationship stability is by providing "reassurance" to the other person about your commitment to him/her. When you express your feelings, you are letting your partner know that you are committed to making the relationship work.
4) Send Care Packages
Every once in awhile prepare and send your long distance relationship partner a "care package". Here are several things you might consider putting in the package (not all at once, of course; pace yourself and your gifts):
Phone Card
Hershey's Hugs
Video Message
Hershey's Kisses
Real Rose
Stuffed Animal
"Preserved" Rose
Holiday Items
Bottled Message
Chocolate Rose
Pressed Flower
Pictures of You
Engraved Rose
Gift Card
"Key" to Your Heart
Bubble Bath
Movie Ticket
Personalized Poem
The more personalized you can make the gifts, the bigger impact it will have when received. For example, when send some pictures of you, hold a sign in one of the pictures that says "I love you, ____" (of course yours will have a name in it, not a blank line).
The more personalized and creative you can be, the more impressed your partner will be at your thoughtfulness.
5) Spend Time Together While Apart
Even though your partner may live hours away, you can still experience "date nights" with him/her. For example, let's say you are both interested in seeing the latest blockbuster movie. Plan to go at the exact same time (coordinate your time zones) to see the movie then when it is over call each other to discuss it. It's fun knowing that your partner is doing the exact same thing as you at the exact same time. Even though you're apart, you're still sharing a moment "together".
6) Never Make Assumptions
Always be clear about your relationship with each other. Don't assume that your long-distance partner knows your feelings - share them. Good or bad, be clear about how you feel about the relationship. Assumptions kill many relationships, while clear communication helps relationships succeed. Perhaps Henry Winkler put it best when he said, "assumptions are the termites of relationships." Let your partner clearly know your ambitions, fears, feelings, and desires. This will allow him/her to share something deeper with you as you both work together towards mastering your communication
7) Trust One Another
Low self-esteem and a lack of trust can ruin wonderful relationships. For example, a woman I know once met this really nice, thoughtful, and sincere man. She met him via online dating - the first guy she met after spending three years "healing" from her last relationship. Unfortunately, she still carried baggage from the failure of her last relationship. Instead of recognizing this guy as different, she lumped all men into the same boat as her failed relationship. She was distrusting and insecure. In the end, she lost the guy as a result.
It's important not to draw associations between the person you are currently seeing and past failed relationships. Give the person an honest chance. I live by the philosophy that "I will fully trust a person until they give me a reason not to". This philosophy is very important in long distance relationships because if you start to lose trust and become insecure then your relationship will soon be sabotaged... by you.
8) Plan Regular Meetings
Meeting regularly is vital to the success of your long-distance relationship. As discussed in tip #1, it's important to set parameters on things like when you'll meet and how often. And when you settle on a date, it's very important that you make sure nothing interferes with it. When you cancel an in-person meeting ("My friends invited me to the coast that weekend" or "I didn't realize finals were that week") you send a strong message that the relationship is not a priority in your life. You should be canceling other events in order to see your partner. If you're allowing other events to interfere with your get-togethers, then then you might want to reevaluate why you're in a relationship
9) Share Passions
The great thing about long-distance relationships is that you tend to get to know your partner much better than if you were physically together. As a result, you learn much more about your partner's likes, dislikes, and passions. Find something your partner is passionate about that you can get involved with. For example, maybe your partner really loves tennis and you've never played tennis. Start taking tennis lessons and discuss it with your partner. Find passions that you both can share and it will invigorate your feelings and appreciation for the relationship.
10) Surprise!
You often hear people say,
"I love surprises." Surprises are fun because they are unexpected

this guy adalah chenta jarak jauh sy , bt thx to you sbb byk bertahan n bersaba ye bie !
sometimes mmg huny agak annoying , but deep in my heart i love u so much :)

happy 3 years , 6 month , 2 weeks & 6 days

December 24, 2010

enjoy with buddies ,

my friends ajak pergi mandi dkat sg congkak sbb tibe2 dia mengidam sgt mau swim agak nye , so dia amik aku dekat rumah . tp time tu hari mcm dah mendung laa plak .
dia smpai je rumah , terus amek aku n gerak . tgah jln , ujan turun berserta dgn guruh sekali , agak laa kan nak teruskan perjalanan gak , mahu basah kuyup dgn jln yg licin lg .
xmahu ambil risiko , we all pun patah balik n lepak dkat mcD . act aku dah bosan lepak mcD , dah naik muak rase nye . setelah bontot ni dah hampir kematu lepak di situ akhirnya berhenti juga hujan :) then we plan pergi apartmen ats bukit tu utk swim .
aku just tgok saje mereka swim , sbb nye aku xbwk baju , hehe .
so , aku just jd jurugambar saje :p
so , here we are <3

happy time with mia , dyla n siti :)

im sorry im hurt you !
xde niat pun , bt i dont know what wrong with me .
maybe bcause i miss you