November 25, 2010

hey , morning

Q1 : 3 names in your message inbox. (inbox handset atau inbox email?) 
 my boyfee , my darl , my bestie .

Q2 : Your Ringtone 
  blow me a kiss 

Q3 : What u did at 12 last night? 
 gayot dgn gumux2 !

Q4 : Who was the last person you went out with? Where?
 pergi mines dgn yaya .

Q5 : The colour of the T-shirt you're wearing now.
 purple =)

Q6 : The last thing u did.
 pergi toilet dan cuci muke , haha .

Q7 : 3 of your everyday favorite items.
 lappy , handset n mirror .agaga

Q8 : The color of your bedroom. 
 purple + meroon

Q9 : How much money in your wallet now.. 
 hurm , rm 80 . pokai plok cuti2 ni =(

Q10 : How's life? 
bosan xdapat jmpe si dia yg jauh nun di sana .eceh . miss you bie <3

Q11 : Your favorite song.. 
 entah laa , byk sgt ..kikiki

Q12 : What will you do next week
 makan + on9 =tidur

Q13 : When was the last time you saw your mum
 baru sekejap td haa .

Q14 : Where is she now?
 koje oih kat opis .

Q15 : When was the last time you talked to your parent?
sebentar td , sekian .

Q16 : Who is the last person that talked with you last night. 
 gumux2 laa , ngee

Q17 : Where did you have dinner last night 
 home sweet home .

Q18 : The last surprise you got
 kereta kelisa =) likee!

Q19 : Last thing you borrowed from your friend 
 shawl .

Q20 : Who is your bf/gr or husband/wife?
 mr maisur fitri b mohd ali <3 <3 <3

Q21 : What do you feel now? 
 lapar , rindu dia , mahu shopping !

Q22 : Wanna share with who?
 idk !

Q23 : Who knows your secret?
 of coz him . lalala

Q24 : They keep your secret?? 
 ya iya laah .

Q25 : Are you angry with someone?
 maybe yes n maybe no . grr

Q26 : What do you order at McD 
 Mc flurry oreo ! yummy ~

Q27 : The last time you feel so sad.. 
 kejadian dulo , malas egt lg . open new books !

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